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Sole Trader/ Company Information

Employment type

As Member on the platform, when you are selecting your employment status you are providing information about your current work situation. 

  • Self-employed 

  • Limited company 

    • Company Name: It is the official title under which the business operates and is registered. 

    • Country of Incorporation: This refers to the country in which the company is officially registered and recognized as a legal entity. 

    • Registered Address: The registered address is the official location where the company conducts its business and is the legal address for official communications. 

    • VAT Number: The VAT (Value Added Tax) number is a unique identifier assigned to businesses for tax purposes, particularly in transactions involving the exchange of goods and services. 

    • Directorship: Directorship details provide insights into the leadership structure of the company. 

      • If Sole Director, this refers to an individual who is the exclusive leader responsible for the company's management and decision-making. Include details of the sole director. 

      • If Multiple Directors, include list containing the names and roles of each director. This includes information on their respective positions, such as CEO, CFO, or any other roles they hold within the company. 


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