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Our Story

Founded in 2016, EFI is a specialist business focused on mobilising large teams of people to successfully support Financial Services KYC projects, on a time and materials basis. 


The business is focused on selecting and hiring the best people and training and organising them for maximum results. Covid changed the business model as people across the industry shifted to working remotely and EFI was able to successfully adapt to scaling, deploying and delivering in a remote environment including delivering its largest projects fully remote. 

In early 2023 the problem statement was how to rethink the business to be able to deliver clients greater operational certainty, lower cost and greater flexibility.  Whilst at the same time offering analysts, who move between Banks, to Big 4, to Consultancy, providing the same services through different structures, with little to differentiate or reward hard work, the flexibility to accommodate their lives and the reward for delivery. 

Nexus AML was born as a result of this thinking.  It is an exchange which connects clients with requirements for financial crime expertise  with a marketplace of validated expertise through a platform that both can trust. 

Our People

Neil Tansley
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Mina Thakore
Chief Financial Officer
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Jo Priestley
Chief Product Officer
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Harry Langley
Product Marketing Manager
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rob-cutler (1).png
Rob Cutler
Chief Growth Officer
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Greta Šachovec
Delivery Lead
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