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Welcome to Nexus AML – Where Flexibility and Merit Align


Step into a dynamic environment tailored for AML professionals who value flexibility and merit-based progression. Nexus AML is not just a platform; it's a catalyst for change in your professional journey.

Join Nexus AML and unlock a new level of professional autonomy. Here, you are in control – your career, your growth, your future.

Welcome to your next chapter.

Choose How much work you want

For all levels of AML specialist

Work around current time commitments

Productivity based payment means improved earnings

Choose How much work you want

We put the power in your hands to shape your career path. You have the freedom to choose not just the amount of work you take on, but also the kind of projects that excite you. This flexibility allows you to control your earnings while engaging in work that genuinely interests you and helps build your career.


Whether you're keen on diving into challenging projects, exploring new areas, or honing your expertise in familiar fields, the choice is entirely yours. It's all about working on what you love and crafting a career that reflects your passions and aspirations.

For all levels of AML specialist

Nexus AML is designed with everyone in mind. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, we've got you covered. We'll assess your current skill level and match you with work that's just right for you.


But that's not all – our platform is also a hub for learning. With micro-level learning opportunities available right at your fingertips, you can continuously enhance your skills. And the best part? You'll get to apply these new skills to fresh work opportunities on the platform. It's a perfect way to grow and test your abilities, all while doing work that suits your level.

Work around current time commitments

We believe in giving you the reins to control your work-life balance. This means you can select the level of work that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, and complete it at any time of day that suits you best. Whether it's early bird mornings, late-night creativity bursts, or fitting work around your family time and hobbies, we fully support your choice.


With Nexus AML, you're in complete control, creating a harmonious balance between your personal life and professional growth. Remember, work is a part of life, not the other way around!

Productivity based payment means improved earnings

You're rewarded for every bit of work you complete in Nexus AML. It's simple: the more you complete, the more you earn. And there's an exciting part to this – as you grow and improve in your skills, your potential earnings can increase too. This means the better you get, the higher your earning potential.

Your Journey On The Platform

Simple Sign Up

Enter your details, and confirm your email to unlock your personal member portal. Validate your identity with us to unlock the ability to bid. We will also ask for your experience in areas of AML, we will validate this with you further down the line.

Bid with Confidence

Our platform matches you with jobs based on your capabilities, to ensure a good fit for your expertise. Your bid will be compared with others, and the best ones will win based on quality and price. If you win, you'll be paid the highest bid amount, so you'll always earn more or equal to your bid, never less!

Start Earning

Congratulations, you've won the bid! You will now need to validate your skills with us and work through screening, then its time to start earning, in the way that works for you! ​

Learn About the Platform

Learning and Development from the best

EFI have been a instrumental in training and developing analysts that have gone on to work at some of the biggest firms in the world, just look at where some of our former employees work now.

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