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Welcome to the knowledge hub for Nexus AML

Time Tracker

The Time Tracker is a tool to monitor and record the time spent on cases within work packages.  


Where is it:

At the top of the Nexus AML application, under the header. It will only appear once you have at least one case assigned to you.  


Time Taken:  

Each case listed in the Time Tracker displays an estimated duration in hours. 


How to use it:

Members elect the Work Package they are working on from the available options listed within the Time Tracker and then select the individual case they plan to work on. 

To start tracking time for a chosen case, click on "START” and to conclude work on the case, click on "END". 


Time Out:

The tracker will time out after 1 hour and 15 mins and you will be prompted to continue after an hour.  This time out is to track time taken and to avoid the tracker continuing when you have logged off. The tracker can be restarted when you resume work.  



Members must utilise the Time Tracker every time they begin work on a specific case within a work package. 


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