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Welcome to the knowledge hub for Nexus AML

Getting Started On Desktop

ID upload and verification:

1.1 If on registration page the ID document was not uploaded and instead chosen “Do this later”. Go to your profile, find it by heading to your profile name.Then open the “General information” tab and find “Identity check status”

1.2 Notice that the “Identity check status: not started” is marked in red.

1.3 Press on “Click to upload”, a new screen will pop, then choose your ID document file (passport, identification card etc.). Press “Save changes”. After everything is done, it should show “Pending”.

Note: after uploading the file, you must press “Save changes”, otherwise you will not be able to bid for the work package.

Bidding Requirements:

All work packages have their criteria. If you are missing some of this, you will not be able to bid for that specific package, see below for all the potential requirements needed for a work package:

Location requirement can be found in member profile and means that a person needs to verify his specific location through the Nexus AML webpage, please see below:

Identity check can be also found in member profile and requires uploading a legal ID document which needs to be verified by the Nexus AML team, please see below:

Your profile must be fully filled out to be able to bid. Go to member profile and fill in the information, which is highlighted in red, please see below:

Industry specialisms can be found in member profile and is an additional requirement for a work package, if the industry specialism doesn’t meet the requirements of the work package, you will be unable to bid on it, please see below:

Business proficient languages can be found in member profile and this will need to match the requirements of the work package, please see below:

Skill Assessments:

2.Skills tab helps to identify analyst/QC skill level, your skill level in the specific area will be required to bid on certain work packages.

2.1 Press on the Skills tab:

2.2 Navigate to the tab ”Skill experience”. This is our initial evaluation of your personal skill levels. Provide all the experiences that you have. Note: to be able to bid for the specific work package, you will still need to take a test, the test will evaluate your true skill level.

2.2.2 “Skill assessments” - in this place we assess your skills. By completing a skill test, you will be granted a skill level required to bid for a specific work package. The test can be taken by pressing “Start Test”.


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