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Welcome to the knowledge hub for Nexus AML

Getting Started On Mobile

ID upload and verification:

If you have already registered and missed out uploading your ID document, here is how you can do this.

1.1 Firstly, open the hamburger menu marked in two red squares, and head to “Profile” which is marked with one red square:

1.2 Navigate to the bottom of the page where you will see “Identity check status: not started” which is marked in orange. Press on the red rectangle which indicates “Click to upload”, a new screen will pop up, then choose “photo or file”. If you choose file find it and use it to upload. Press “Save changes”. After everything is done, it should write “Pending”. Our team will then get to work on reviewing and approving the ID.

Note: after uploading the file, you must press “Save changes”, otherwise you will not be able to bid for the work package.




Bidding Requirements:

All work packages have their criteria. If you are missing some of this, you will not be able to bid for that specific package, see below for all the potential requirements needed for a work package:

Location, identity check, industry specialisms, proficiency in a language can be found in the user profile, see below:

Skill Assessments:

3.1 For skill assessment, firstly, open the menu, which is marked with a red square in the screenshot below, after that click “Skills” marked in two red rectangles.

Enter your experience into all of the fields in the “Skill experience” tab.

Move on to the “Skill assessments” tab, where you will be able to complete any tests to validate your skill experience given in the previous section. You will only be eligible to bid for a specific work package once you have successfully passed the appropriate test that meets the requirements for that package. Press “Start test” to begin completing the appropriate test.


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