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Dashboard - Packages Completed and Earnings

In this section, Member can access essential information related to the number of packages successfully completed and their corresponding earning. This data is an important aspect for the Member to monitor their own progress and financial achievements within the platform.

Packages Completed 

  • The "Packages Completed" information provides a summary of all the packages that an analyst has successfully completed since they began working on the platform. 

  • A "package completed" signifies that the work assigned has been reviewed and passed the Quality Control (QC) assessment. 


Final Amount  


  • A percentage  (usually 25%) which is set out in the Work Package Description will be multiplied by the total amount that is expected to be paid to the Member to arrive at the Final Amount.  


  • This Final Amount will be withheld and only paid upon successful completion of the cases allocated in the Work Package.  



  • The "Earnings" information corresponds to the total amount an analyst has earned for completing packages correctly. 

  • Earnings are directly linked to the number of cases completed less the withheld amount.  


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