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Dashboard - My Work Packages

This section is an important tool for managing and monitoring your ongoing tasks. It allows Members to keep track of their workload and the status of each work package, to support your time management to complete within the specified time frames. 

Progress of Work Packages: 

  • It displays the progress on percentage of each work package assigned to the Member. 

  • Each work package represents a specific project to be completed. 


Details of the Work Packages:  

For each work package, the section provides the name of the project to which it belongs.  

  • Units remaining 

    • Number of units that still need to be completed for the work package which offers a clear view of the workload that remains. 

  • Deadline 

    • Specific date that the work package must be completed. 

  • Unit type 

    • Specifies the type of unit which will be based on case completions. 

  • Number of units 

    • Total quantity of work units allocated for the specific work package. 

  • Completed units 

    • Progress made by displaying the number of units that have already been successfully completed within the work package. 


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