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Firms that we have provided services to:

Why choose Nexus AML?

Nexus AML solves four main issues that we have identified in the industry: High cost of compliance, no way to validate managed service expertise, slow delivery and unmotivated AML specialists, and lack of flexibility and scalability when mobilising AML talent.


Validated Expertise

Speed of Delivery

Flexibility & Scalability

Cost Certainty

Our innovative model ensures that you only incur costs for each case meticulously completed by a member. Through our platform, members competitively bid on a per case basis, offering you unparalleled value.


With 70% of due diligence costs traditionally associated with personnel, our focus is streamlining this critical aspect. Nexus AML offers a tailored solution that centres on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Validated Expertise

Our commitment to excellence begins with an extensive screening process and skill validation for our members, ensuring only the most qualified are permitted to offer services through our platform.


Furthermore, our cost per case model fosters a culture of high performance, motivating members to consistently deliver services of the highest standard.

This approach underscores our dedication to quality and efficiency, guaranteeing that our clients receive exceptional value and expertise.

Speed of Delivery

Our cost per case model is specifically crafted to ensure that our team operates with both speed and efficiency. This system motivates our teams to expedite case handling while maintaining the highest standards of quality.


By linking costs directly to individual cases, we incentivise our teams to focus on quick and effective resolutions. This approach not only drives a culture of productivity within members, but also ensures that our partners receive maximum value for their investment.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our members consist of both full-time and part-time individuals, ensuring they're always available for work.

This allows us to mobilise teams swiftly and efficiently. It also means that members aren't paid for overestimated times on projects, and you can secure members for projects of any size, starting from just one member.

Enterprise Security Standards

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