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Skill test assessments

In this section, the Member has access to a comprehensive overview of Skill Test Assessments based to their specific experience as Member.  

The platform automatically presents specific Skill Test Assessments based on the information provided by the Member regarding their experience in each area. This approach ensures that the exams are relevant to their professional background. 

  • Details of the Skill test assessments:  

    • For each skills test assessment include the following information: 

  • Duration 

    • Tests are typically designed to be either 10 or 50 minutes long, allowing Member to plan their time. 

  • Grade 

    • Tests are graded on a scale from 1 to 100. The grade reflects the Member performance and knowledge level in the specified AML and compliance areas.  

    • EFI will evaluate the results and determine the outcome of each test.  

    • The decision is based on your performance and proficiently in the tested areas. 

  • Status 

    • The status of each test is indicating and either “Passed” or “Failed”. 

    • A “Passed” status means that the Member successfully completes the test 

    • “Failed” indicates that further improvement is required. 

  • Attempts 

    • This specifies the allowed number of attempts for each test. 

    • Member can retake the skill assessment test up to three times.  

    • Following the third unsuccessful attempt, EFI will review on a case-by-case basis. 

    • The test provided is a ‘Single-Choice Test’ and ‘Multiple-Choice Test’, where the test-takers are presented with a question along with a list of answer choices. The task is to select one or more correct answers from the provided options.  

    • Member will not be able to pause the test and come back to it later. Once the test is started it must be completed 


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