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My Bids

In this section, you can manage and monitor all your bids that you have made on work packages. This section shows you the progress of your bids. Also provides you with the ability to place a competitive bid and allocate your time and skills efficiently. 


My bids 

  • Bid’s cost per case (£) 

    • The cost per case (£) that you are willing to accept as part of your bid for a Work Package. 

  • Bid’s cases 

    • The number of cases that you are willing to commit to at the cost per case in the time period specified.  

  • Date 

    • The date range that the cases in the Work Package need to be completed in.

  • Paid for 

    • It specifies the type of work for which you will be compensated. In this case, your compensation is based on ‘case completions’. 

Status of each Bid 

  • Bid sent 

    • This status indicates that you have successfully submitted your bid for a specific Work Package.  

    • Once you have sent a bid, it's in the review and approval process for EFI. 

  • Bid approved  

    • When your bid is approved, it means that EFI has accepted your proposal to work on a particular Work Package. 

  • Bid Lost 

    • Either your bid was declined by our Ops team, or you declined the offer yourself. 

  • Pending Offer 

    • You have received amended prices and cases in accordance with other bids. You can either accept or reject this offer. 


You will need to meet the onboarding criteria to be able to start on a Work Package.


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