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Dashboard - My Bids

This section offers a comprehensive view of your bidding activity, ensuring you can easily track the status and details of your offers. It supports your management of your engagements on the platform, providing transparency and control over your ongoing projects.  

Status of Offers 

  • It displays the status of each offer made by the analyst/QC. These statuses fall into two categories: "Pending" or "Approved."  

  • "Pending" status indicates that your offer is awaiting review and approval by EFI. 

  • "Approved" status confirms that your offer has been accepted and you are engaged in the project. 

Details of the Bid 

Each offer includes the name of the work package for which the bid has been made. 

  • Current Bid 

    • The price that you have quoted per unit. (e.g., £180.00 per unit) 

  • Last Bid 

    • The previous bid price per unit for reference (e.g., £180.00 per unit)[GG1]  

  • Working as 

    • Specifies whether you will be working as Analyst or QC for the project.  

  • Payment unit 

    • The unit used to calculate the earnings will be based on the number of Case completions. 

  • Unit volume 

    • The quantity of work units that you have committed to completing in the project. (90 units) 


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