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Bank Details

When completing your financial information, provide the following details accurately:

  • Employment type

  • Workspace address 

    • Enter your workspace address which should include Street address, City, and Postcode 

  • Bank account full name 

    • Enter your full name associated with your bank account. 

    • Ensure it matches the name on your bank account. 

  • Bank account number 

    • Specify your bank account number, including all relevant digits.  

    • Account numbers are typically formatted as 8 digits. (e.g., 12345678) 

  • Bank account provider 

    • Indicate the name of your bank or financial institution where you hold your bank account. (e.g., XYZ Bank) 

  • Provider sort code 

    • Indicate the sort code for your bank or branch. Sort codes are typically formatted as six digits in a XX-XX-XX format. (e.g., 12-34-56) 

    • Completing your UK bank account information accurately is important to ensure that the payments and financial transactions are processed without any problems. 


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